Medical Assistant is designed to help to provide potential medical assistants with comprehensive information about the best medical assistant schools and programs, which can include both on campus and online programs. After you review the information on this site, you will be equipped with the information that you need to make the best decision about your medical education.

Why Becoming a Medical Assistant Is a Good Move

There is no question that there is a much higher demand for medical services than a few decades ago. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is being driven by the growth of aging baby boomers, and as a result, there is a much more need for preventive medical services of all kinds. These services usually are provided by doctors and physician’s assistants, and of course those professionals need the services of medical assistants.

BLS reports that due to this higher demand, the need for medical assistants will soar 29% by 2022, which is much faster than average. As there are more doctors and group practices in the workforce, there will be more need for medical assistants and other support workers.

Higher Demand Brings Higher Pay

The median wage for medical assistants today is $29,900, with the top ten percent earning $41,500. This is a solid starting salary for a medical profession career and serves as a good basis for developing more medical and health care skills later. Many medical assistants eventually earn their bachelor’s degree and become a nurse, and a few even go on to get a master’s degree and work in higher levels of the medical field.

Common Types of Medical Assistants

You may work in as a medical assistant in a variety of healthcare-related settings. Some common job types include:

  • Administrative medical assistants: These professionals often work in doctors’ offices and work on insurance forms and also code medical information for patients. They may also answer the phone and schedule appointments for patients.

  • Clinical medical assistants: These assistants actually work in the medical field, and may conduct lab tests, deal with contaminated supplies, and sterilize medical products and instruments. Some assistants, depending upon the state, may provide instructions to patients about diets and medications.

  • Pediatric medical assistants: These assistants work very closely with foot doctors, and may help in the production of foot casts, develop x-rays and assist the doctor with surgeries and procedures.

  • Ophthalmic medical assistants: They assist optometrists and ophthalmologists to provide eye care. They might show patients how to put in and take out their contacts, and also may assist in various eye procedures.

Medical Assistant Program Considerations

When you decide to become a medical assistant, you should choose the best school for your future. Many medical assistant programs are offered at technical colleges or junior colleges. As you look into various schools, keep these ideas in mind:

  • Does the school offer a diploma, certificate or associate degree? Depending upon where you are going to work, this could make a difference.

  • Does the school have accreditation by a major accrediting body. If your school is not accredited, you could have problems getting the job you want, and could have trouble getting loans.

  • Will the school accept credit for classes you have taken before?

  • How many students actually graduate from the school?

States with Highest Salaries for Medical Assistants

States that currently have high salaries in this field include:

  • California – $22/hr

  • Idaho – $21/hr

  • DC – $21/hr

  • Connecticut – $20/hr

  • Massachusetts – $20/hr

Meanwhile states that are considered the best places to work for medical assistants are:

  • California – high pay but a higher cost of living

  • Texas – lower pay but very low cost of living

  • Florida – great climate leads to higher population of elderly

  • Pennsylvania – low cost of living

  • Ohio – economic growth in recent years

Please review all of the medical assistant education information on this site and make the best educational decision for your future.